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    One mountain + its metaphor!

    I love me a good mountain metaphor!   And this morning, as we drove up through the Llanberis Pass on our way out of Snowdonia en route south to Devon for a few days of rock climbing, I spotted a goodun’.   As we passed through the Pass, I was looking up at a summit that I had been on only last weekend whilst walking with a good friend and contemplated how different it looked from the road up. And how the valley’s below had looked completely different from the summit.   And it struck me how this is always the case with scenarios that are upcoming in our lives. Whether they might be of the positive or negative kind.   They never turn out to be how we imagined they were going to be when we looked at them from the time before arriving within them.   Much like the summit of that mountain looked nothing like it did from the bottom.   And on this occasion, where I was heading even came complete with spectacular views!  

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    The Minimaliser Mindset

    what is: the minimaliser mindset MINIMALIST [noun]: a person who advocates or practises minimalism MINDSET [noun]: the established set of attitudes held by someone The Minimaliser Mindset is simply one of lessening.    Whether it’s the lessening of the chaotic home clutter or the monkey mind chatter, we can choose to apply a mindful + minimalist approach in our thinking, our reactions and our actions.   When we do this, we create that quiet space within us and from there, we are able to see ourselves and the world around us more clearly.   This, in turn, enables us to make decisions that will propel us forward in ways we never previously imagined possible.

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    Tim and the Carving of Space

    For the rest of my minimalising days, this will unquestionably be one of my most special and most memorable jobs. Last summer, my darling Father unexpectedly passed away. I had always dreaded that day but never did I, nor my family imagine that it would happen in the midst of a global pandemic. I’m sure I don’t need to explain how challenging this time was for us all. A week after the funeral, my family and I had to make the painful decision to sell the family home as my Mum is now unable to live alone and will now live with my brother and his wonderful family in an independent Annex at their home. This meant that we needed to sell the family home as quickly as possible in order to fund the build of the Annex. I was fortunate at the time to be on furlough and this meant that I was able to be part of the process of dealing with the house sale and I knew that the one way in which I could be most…

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    Where’s the Tiger?

    SO What’s holding you back? It could be big thing or a tiny thing but if it’s holding you back… then it’s holding you back There are two types of fear… The rational type: This is the fear you feel when faced with a tiger in the wild. It’s the fear that makes you run when there is clear and present danger. We need this type of fear in our life. It keeps us alive. The irrational type: This is the fear that is a figment of our imagination. Its origin will be in our history and most likely, will be causing chaos in our present and in our future. It’s like you have your very own tiger in your mind.Good luck with that! So.Next question… What’s your tiger? It might be a known fear.But it could also be a sense of feeling stuck within a part of your life.Or some kind of struggle that you’re in the midst of. Perhaps you’re not even sure what the issue is.You just know that there is a struggle. The good news is, that…

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    Reconnection within the Workplace

    The modern workplace can often be a noisy and chaotic space within which we find ourselves existing for a large portion of our working week. And with the current virtual office extension that is ‘back to back’ Zoom meetings, it is now more than ever, all too easy to become disconnected from those around us to protect our ability to carry out our own work. Focus shifts from ‘organisation’ and ‘team’ to ‘individual’ and while this might make us feel like we are achieving, we are also likely to be missing out on an important connection. That of our connection with our colleagues.   In 2019, the Office for National Statistics (ONS), reported that 12.4% of the UK population worked from home at some point during their working week. In 2020, that figure doubled to 25.9% – or 8.4 million people. Whilst many will welcome the option to work from home there will undoubtedly be a large proportion of that figure who will find it to be a lonely and disconnected scenario. Therefore, reconnection is now more important than ever.…

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    Putting Our Past Back In Our Past

    ‘The past is never where you think you left it.’ ― Katherine Anne Porter I have a question for you.Who’s the boss of you? My answer to this question is always, without hesitation, Bruce ‘The Boss’ Springsteen. But back on planet Earth, my answer to this question will often be in debate. One recent evening I was cleaning my teeth and as I was standing there brushing away, I realised that my stomach was churning with anxiety. On investigating the trigger of this feeling, I quickly realised that it wasn’t being caused by a current struggle in my life but instead simply a voice in my head that was from a time in my distant past. As the anxiety stirred away deep within, it occurred to me how bizarre it is that a voice such a long way from me now in time and location could still be having such a strong and negative effect on my body. The human truth is…When we come out the other side of difficult times in our life we are left with a plethora…

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    ★ The questions we ask ourselves

    So it turns out, the questions we ask ourselves (usually without realising it) are one of the most impacting and influential forces on our days and indeed, our lives. Gertrude has recently found herself in debt.She says to herself (aka she asks herself the following question): Q: Why am I always so broke?! Her brain will hear that question and immediately (and so very helpfully) go searching for the answer. There is a problem with her brain being so helpful though. It won’t know to look for anything other than the exact answer to that question. It doesn’t know to bring back an answer that will make her feel better and uplift her as opposed to one that will take her lower. It will only give her the exact answer to her question. So the answers that her brain will find will go something along the lines of: A: ‘Because I have rubbish job and I’m not good enough to earn more so what’s the point in saving?!’ <—- Another question for your brain to exactly answer! A: ‘Because I’m not worthy of…

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    ‘The quality of your consciousness at this moment…’ ~ Eckhart quote from ‘The Power of Now’ ☼

    ‘The quality of your consciousness at this moment is what shapes the future. Which of course, can only be experienced in The Now.  If it is the quality of your consciousness at this moment that determines the future, then what is it that determines the quality of your consciousness. Your degree of presence. So the only place where true change can occur and where the past can be dissolved … is in The Now‘ ~ from ‘The Power of Now’ ~ Eckhart Tolle  ☼ Yours mindfully,Alison