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On Pinnacle Ridge, Ogwen Valley
Snowdonia National Park 2022

Hello again ツ

So right now there are three things that I’m pretty sure about:

  1. That you’ll already have seen word of my awesome health transformation story elsewhere around this website.

  2. That you’ll know there is a LOT more to me than an awesome health transformation.

  3. That you will have got the gist that because of my past, whilst coaching is very much my purpose and my future I’m also now very much catching up on my LIFE!

So here’s the part of this excellent conversation where I get to share with you some of the other super cool things in life that make me tick!

And as you’ll see, I like to keep things simple because at the end of the day… life is just that!

➤  I am nomadic by nature and a homebody at heart

➤  I love old maps and needing to use a map  🧭

➤  I have a favourite roundabout  🤔

➤  I have a not so secret crush on R2-D2

➤  Dogs give me JOY  🐾

➤  I’m partial to a smooth whiskey 

➤  Family + friends = ❤️

➤  I’m in my happy place when I’m climbing up things  🧗🏻‍♀️

➤  My other happy place is walking miles over and along BIG things  🏔

➤  North Wales is in my bones  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

➤  ‘Free Falling’ is my ALL-time #1 TUNE

➤  The sound of the seagull takes me to my happy place

➤  I have an official Indiana Jones hat that I’ve had for 45 years that is the one thing I’d save in a fire  🤠

➤  Indiana Jones is my spirit animal  💫

En route to Grasmere
The Lake District 2022

Climbing at Fedw Fawr, Anglesey

With my sweet friend Maisie!

On the summit of Cnicht, Snowdonia National Park 2023

Feeling on top of the world!