Due to my extraordinary journey back to full health, my passion and purpose is now to guide you from A to B and sometimes even to C, imparting skills that will enable you to transform your health, career and life and move you from ‘stuck’ to ‘empowered’.

Focused more on the you than the identity that you present with, I will transport you to your unique end goal by facilitating the removal of limiting beliefs that are blocking your path to great health and a GREAT life! 

One of the ways in which I achieve this is through powerful coaching conversations and the application of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques.

My unique coaching process will enable you to find the answers for yourself. It is an empowering approach that will bestow you with a strong sense of achievement and deep realisation that you already hold the power within yourself to create dynamic positive change within your health, career and personal life.


With compassion, care and humour, I will guide and support you along every step of your journey and ensure that you are equipped with the toolkit needed to coach yourself as my end goal is always that you will no longer require my support as you’ll have ‘got this’.

Connect with me to book your free coaching consultation so you can find out how I can help you create empowering change within your own life.


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California in the 1970s. It comprises various psychological models that each call upon the plasticity (neuroplasticity – see below) of our brain, the use of verbal language and body language and the more subtle elements of the mind in order to create positive and resourceful states within the participant. These states are the foundation upon which the participants newly imagined reality is wired through techniques and then lived.
Imagine your brain is a computer (which essentially it is). NLP techniques allow us to hack our inner computer and re-code (re-wire) our brain with the version of reality we most desire. We first design the new reality in our imagination and then code it into our neurology with language, movement and clear and congruent intention. In short, NLP is an empowering process that shifts the participant from a place of challenge and struggle to a place of self-power and living one’s best life.


Neuroplasticity describes our brains amazing ability to rewire and re-shape the 100 trillion neural connections (aka neural pathways) that live in our brain and continually create and re-create the structure of our life experience. There was a time not so long ago, when scientists believed that our brains stopped growing and changing in our early teens. We now know that this isn’t the case and that humans are constantly re-wiring their neural pathways, usually without knowing it, throughout their life-time.
When we are learning to walk, speak a new language, learn and practice a new skill and engage in communication with those around us our neural pathways are busy firing and wiring connections in our brain that embed that learning and experience within us. And as you know, the more you practice anything, the better and more skilled you become at it. This is because each time you repeat an action, the neural pathways associated with it fire and create stronger and faster connections which will enable you to access the skill or memory quicker and become even more efficient at recalling that new phrase that you are learning in Danish. And of course, we engage, create memories and can choose to learn a new skill at any age.

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My passion: guiding you in creating space within your busy life so that you have room within which to go forth, GROW and realise your full potential

My focus: working with you to help you break down any blocks in your life and guide you in creating state-shifting space and flow in its place so that you can move forward with purpose, passion and self-POWER

My end goal: giving you back your self-control, power and freedom

I won’t simply give you the answers to your struggle or make you any ‘end result’ promises that I can’t be 100% sure that I can keep.

Because neither of those two things will get you anywhere good.


And also, because both you and life are constantly evolving so there is no end result to your inner work.


My friend.
You are a work of brilliance in continual ever evolving motion.


But these two things I will promise you AND do for you:

  • will ask you carefully considered questions that will help YOU find the answers for yourself.
    This will result in you moving yourself forward in a way that you will find empowering, uplifting, exciting AND inspiring. 
    Many wins!

  • will guide, support and encourage you on your journey so that you can create for yourself the state-shift that you and your life needs.

My qualifications:

➝ Lightning Process Practitioner ®
➝ IEMT Practitioner
➝ Master Practitioner – Diploma in NLP, Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy

➝ Advanced Diploma in NLP, Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy

➝ Clinical Diploma in NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy

➝ Diploma in Life Coaching

➝ Diploma (L3) in Leadership and Management

➝ Diploma in Mindfulness

I am fully insured, GDPR registered with the ICO and hold an enhanced DBS check.