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Trauma doesn’t have to stay traumatic.

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Your life is yours to CREATE!

My Story

‘From a wheelchair to rock climbing to mindset coaching!’

“Hi, I’m Alison ツ

I know that you’re here because you’re looking for answers right now.


So here are two quick questions followed by a ‘how I can help’ that will enable you to quickly decide if I might just be the one who holds those answers for you…”

  1. Are you feeling stuck right now in your health, career or in your life generally?


  2. Are any of the following familiar to you?

➤  Trauma 
➤  Anxiety 
➤  Phobias 
➤  Burnout
➤  Chronic pain and other health issues
➤  Feeling ‘stuck in a rut’
➤  Stress 
➤  Overwhelm
➤  A loss of confidence
➤  Not knowing your worth
➤  Impostor syndrome
➤  …and so the list of human struggles goes on!

Well, if you’ve answered yes to even just one of the above, the good news is that you’re not alone.


You and the other approx. 8 billion humans who have had the good fortune to experience life have also felt stuck in someway during their existence on this planet.


Myself included.

‘From a Wheelchair to Rock Climbing to Mindset Coaching’.

READ or WATCH my inspirational health transformation story to find out how I used my brilliant brain to get me unstuck from 24 years of chronic illness.

So, stick with me…
Because the even better news is that I can help you get ‘unstuck’ too.


It’s what I now do…..

I coach people from all walks of life who have one thing in common.
They are passionate about life but for some reason are being held back from living their life to the FULL.

Perhaps this resonates?


➤  Perhaps your inner adventurer may well be fearing that the adventure is over (this was my version)

➤  Or your inner novelist is fearing that the novel will never get written

➤  Or your inner business person is fearing they’ll never own their own successful business

➤  Or that your inner Mum is fearing that the family will never be had

➤  and so the list of potential lost futures goes on!

But trust me, that person you once were and had planned to always be is still very much alive within you and the adventures in whatever shape or form they take for you are still very much yours for the having. And I can write this with certainty because I’ve been there.

Your story is my story.

The excellent news for both of us now though is that I’ve found my way back to the person I once dreamed of being and now I can help you to do the same!


So what’s your reason for having found your way to reading this?

➤  Your body isn’t allowing you to perform the way you want it to

➤  Anxiety is stopping you from stepping outside of your comfort zone

➤  You’ve lost your confidence in the ‘thing’ you were once confident in (PS You haven’t lost it. You’ve just lost sight of it)

➤  Fear is holding you back from progressing in your passions

➤  You feel like the edge that once had you crushing at your ‘thing’ now eludes you

➤  You fear you’re too old now to play and compete with the younger kids and feel like an outsider to the scene you still so very much love

Well whether your ‘thing’ is rock climbing or starting your own business or travelling or hiking or studying for a qualification or performing on stage… (this list is endless)… I can help you to find your way out the other side of your current struggle back to feeling healthy, confident and feeling ready to fully engage once more in all of your passions and ALL that gives you purpose.


Because to live on purpose is to truly LIVE.


Using my coaching expertise and of course, my own experience at getting ‘unstuck’, I will enable YOU to figure out and dismantle the unhelpful narratives and limiting beliefs that are holding you back so that you too can go forth and live out your very own life’s purpose. 

The one you so very much

Because as we say in NLP:

“If I can do it then so can you.”


➤  NLP Coaching

Your next move…

You have everything to gain from getting in touch and booking your
free (no obligation) Mindset Coaching consultation with me ツ


Alison helped me visualise and articulate the numbness that had submerged me.

This state was impacting my personal and professional life and was totally debilitating.

It was difficult at first, but I was able to “see” and then unpack and jettison years of emotional baggage that had subconsciously accumulated - squashing the real me.

I was able to visualise bin bags of pain, hurt feelings and fear and shoot them into the sun! It was the most satisfying feeling ever.

For the first time in a long time I have now have the space to feel like myself again - and my confidence to “be me” is growing daily.

I learned to replace the old language I used to speak to myself, helping to stop the bin bags building up.

I thoroughly recommend a mental deep clean and linguistic reset with Alison.

(IEMT + NLP Client)
Vicki Wells
I knew EMDR was useful for trauma. However, I have found the alternative version - IEMT to be incredibly powerful.

Experiencing IEMT with Alison is distinctly liberating.

Several issues from "life" were growing into monsters in the cupboard or under the bed - out of sight perhaps but definitely not out of mind.
I am fascinated how three sessions with Alison was, for me, enough to reduce the monsters to trifling non-entities.

Several situations had grown out of proportion to the issue. In reality, these had very little/nothing to do with me at all.
So why was I wasting time and energy giving them head-space?

Thank you Alison, for helping me create headspace for other more enjoyable thoughts and experiences.

(IEMT + NLP Client)
Susan from Southampton
‘Recently I have been working with Alison to help unlock some long held and very stubborn perceptions that are not serving me.
We used IEMT which I find fascinating.

The last session allowed me to examine a very deep seated voice in my head and shrink it to a level whereby it no longer seems important. The incessant chatter that lurks in my subconscious has been questioned and diminished.

Really interesting. I now have a much healthier view of why the voice was planted and can treat it with curiosity and patience.

(IEMT + NLP Client)
Alison Taylor
‘I had a wonderful 2 hour session with Alison, to help me with anticipatory performance anxiety prior to presenting a workshop at a conference.

I'm not someone who finds it easy to allow my unconscious mind the freedom to 'go with the flow' but Alison's calm voice, friendly no pressure manner and kindness really helped me to relax. Her positivity and encouragement shone through in a gentle and natural way.

I am proud to say that any performance anxiety I felt, in the lead up to my event and during it, was minimal. I was able to look forward to the event with positivity and confidence and it went very well. I would strongly recommend Alison.'

(NLP Client)
Dr Rebecca Williams
5 Stars!. During a period when I was struggling with overwhelm and procrastination, I met Alison. After an initial conversation, I knew that she could help me to refocus although I wasn't sure exactly how. Despite being sceptical as many people usually are, I knew that she had expertise and lived experience.  

During our coaching session, Alison calmly and expertly guided me in identifying the self-limiting and damaging beliefs that I had held for a while. She used incredibly effective techniques that enabled me to remove these limiting beliefs whilst remaining calm and developing a balanced energy.

Would I recommend Alison to someone who needs clarity and inspiration?

Yes, in a heartbeat.

Warning: She is brilliant and can help you change your life in such profound ways.'

(NLP Client)
Andy Hall
‘Alison is an excellent life coach. She is open, friendly, a good listener and extremely clever in the way she quietly helps you to see that you are just not looking at things in quite the right way.

Nothing is too much trouble. At a time when I was feeling unable to keep my appointment, Alison was so understanding, and took time with me to ease my worries, there was absolutely no pressure involved, just concern that I was struggling.

Alison’s methods are so effective that after my first full session she had helped me to eliminate something that had been holding me back for so long. Her professional, but very gentle, caring, personal approach only ever leaves you feeling as if anything is possible, or at the very least, alot happier than before you started talking to Alison.

She can change your life for the better.’

(NLP Client)
Susan Cranfield