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    🎙️🎥 A Conversation On: Social Media Anxiety

    When I first met Rebecca, she was a photographer in her mind but not in her reality. She was stuck in a negative state of social media anxiety that was blocking both her creative and productive processes. In this conversation, we talk about our time working together and the journey that I took Rebecca on so that she could create powerful state shifts for herself and her photography career.    Essentially, she went from her primary focus being the need for constant social media interaction and her fear being that she wouldn’t succeed if she wasn’t constantly interacting (which she was doing to the extent that she wasn’t out and about taking photographs!) …to making the mighty leap of deleting all of her social media apps for one month and ONLY taking photographs in that time. At the end of that month, the result was a new photography project that was edited and ready to post on her brand new photography Instagram account that she was incredibly excited about and a renewed passion for taking photographs and the editing process.…

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    🎙️🎥 A Conversation On: Healing from Grief and Loss w/ Mark Ashton

    In this episode of ‘A Conversation On’, Mark and I talk on the subject of loss in its many shapes and forms and how it can be both a positive and a negative experience. And how the loss of the old is necessary to make space for the new.  Mark and I both share personal stories of loss and grief experienced throughout our lives and how we found our way through those deeply dark and challenging times and learned many important and powerful life lessons along the way. We also throw in some self-coaching techniques for good measure! Mark is a somewhat reluctant contrarian/heretic in business, now entering the 5th decade of his career. His passion, enthusiasm and determination to tell the truth, even when it’s awkward or risky, is largely undiminished though tempered by experience. He still believes the best is yet to come and was thrilled to discover 10-12 years ago that research proves the most enduringly successful companies have a compelling purpose beyond profit.  Mark has built an international community of what he calls likeminded, like-hearted and…

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