I love me a good mountain metaphor!


And this morning, as we drove up through the Llanberis Pass on our way out of Snowdonia en route south to Devon for a few days of rock climbing, I spotted a goodun’.


As we passed through the Pass, I was looking up at a summit that I had been on only last weekend whilst walking with a good friend and contemplated how different it looked from the road up. And how the valley’s below had looked completely different from the summit.


And it struck me how this is always the case with scenarios that are upcoming in our lives. Whether they might be of the positive or negative kind.


They never turn out to be how we imagined they were going to be when we looked at them from the time before arriving within them.


Much like the summit of that mountain looked nothing like it did from the bottom.


And on this occasion, where I was heading even came complete with spectacular views!