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Where’s the Tiger?

SO What's holding you back?

It could be big thing or a tiny thing


but if it's holding you back... then it's holding you back

There are two types of fear...

  1. The rational type: This is the fear you feel when faced with a tiger in the wild.
    It’s the fear that makes you run when there is clear and present danger.
    We need this type of fear in our life.
    It keeps us alive.

  2. The irrational type: This is the fear that is a figment of our imagination.
    Its origin will be in our history and most likely, will be causing chaos in our present and in our future. 
    It’s like you have your very own tiger in your mind.
    Good luck with that!

Next question…

What's your tiger?

It might be a known fear.
But it could also be a sense of feeling stuck within a part of your life.
Or some kind of struggle that you’re in the midst of.
Perhaps you’re not even sure what the issue is.
You just know that there is a struggle.
The good news is, that we can turn your inner mind tiger into a pussycat!
By having an explorative conversation, we can pinpoint times in your life that have resulted in this fear/block/struggle.
I will then guide you in your own re-wiring of the point at which the fear began in your life.
You’ll reset that time with a healthy and positive version of the same event and in doing so, will set yourself free from your past so that you are able to live fully, in your present and your future!


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