I have chosen to work with Alison to work on my claustrophobia.
So far we had one session focussing on NLP methods and one using IEMT which were really good!

She made me feel at ease and outlined what we will do in the session.
Already after the first session, I could feel that something shifted.

At the beginning of the session I felt anxious just talking about the phobia.
By the end of the session, I was very calm and didn't think I would have any issues with it.

Since then I have been in situations (e.g. waiting in full tunnels for a flight) in which I usually would have panicked but it was all possible without much fear. And now after the second session I can really feel that I will have a better quality of life without restricting myself through the phobia.

Thank you Alison!

(IEMT and NLP client)
Christine Michaelis - Marketing & Creative Start-Up Coach
I spent some time with Alison when I needed to work on a few things that had been festering for far too long.

I’d heard of but not experienced NLP before but hadn’t heard of IEMT – what a game changer it was!
Alison has a lot of experience and strategies to help and if one thing doesn’t quite fit, there will be another way.

Alison was very calm and entirely non-judgemental. She didn’t ask what was on my mind, she didn’t want it to live in my head any longer than it had already, and our focus was on moving forward not re-living and re-traumatising which was a refreshing approach.

There was a specific phrase that had been in my head since I was a small child and after our session the power of that phrase had completely gone. For a while I couldn't even remember what it was and now, when I think of it, it’s just words with none of the strength they had before.

My feelings around other things we worked through have changed, and they don’t hold the power anymore.
I hold the power and it doesn’t scare me.

I’d highly recommend anyone talking to Alison about how she can help you!

(IEMT client)
Jenny C
If you get the chance to work with Alison, don’t hesitate.

She is by far the most effective life coach/mindset practitioner I’ve ever met.
The breadth of her professional training & experience and her friendly, calm and relaxed support and understanding is a game changer.

(IEMT + NLP client)
Rose Pearson
Alison helped me visualise and articulate the numbness that had submerged me.
This state was impacting my personal and professional life and was totally debilitating.

It was difficult at first, but I was able to “see” and then unpack and jettison years of emotional baggage that had subconsciously accumulated - squashing the real me.

I was able to visualise bin bags of pain, hurt feelings and fear and shoot them into the sun! It was the most satisfying feeling ever.
For the first time in a long time I have now have the space to feel like myself again - and my confidence to “be me” is growing daily.

I learned to replace the old language I used to speak to myself, helping to stop the bin bags building up.

I thoroughly recommend a mental deep clean and linguistic reset with Alison.

(IEMT + NLP client)
Vicki Wells
By 18 years old, I had blossomed up to 21 stone. I am now in my early 30s and over the last 10 years I've lost over 10 stone, through nutrition and exercise. However, even though I had a new healthy body, I still had the mindset of 21 stone Lisa.

Recently, this held me back from learning to climb, when I took on the role of managing a climbing wall.
It's pretty fundamental to know how to climb in this job role.

Through IEMT, Alison has guided me back to where my narrative began.
The narrative of "I'm not good enough, or fit enough".

Through using IEMT techniques, I've been able to rewrite my narrative.
Before IEMT, I would feel sheer panic when approaching the climbing wall, with the negative narrative "I can't do this".

Now, when I am approaching the wall to climb I am much calmer and think logically because the panic has eased. It's important to acknowledge that I still get the healthy nerves you get when trying something new and unfamiliar.

With Alison being a keen rock climber herself, this really helped my progression.
Her supportive and positive approach made me feel safe and secure to move forward with changing my narrative.

If there is an area of your life that you would like to move forward in, I would highly recommend working with Alison.

(IEMT + NLP client)
Lisa Aldred - Manager of Substation Bouldering Wall,
I knew EMDR was useful for trauma. However, I have found the alternative version - IEMT to be incredibly powerful.

Experiencing IEMT with Alison is distinctly liberating.

Several issues from "life" were growing into monsters in the cupboard or under the bed - out of sight perhaps but definitely not out of mind.
I am fascinated how three sessions with Alison was, for me, enough to reduce the monsters to trifling non-entities.

Several situations had grown out of proportion to the issue. In reality, these had very little/nothing to do with me at all.
So why was I wasting time and energy giving them head-space?

Thank you Alison, for helping me create headspace for other more enjoyable thoughts and experiences.

(IEMT + NLP client)
Susan from Southampton
Alison and I worked on a situation where I had sold my Vancouver apartment in haste, and I had a lot of regret and even had ruled out returning to Vancouver (I am currently living in the UK as a result). The decision had caused me a lot of stress and I was thinking about it a lot, reliving the trauma of that decision.

Alison worked on me with this fascinating eye movement therapy and during the therapy session we managed to get that down from an overwhelming 9/10 of negativity down to a 1/10 in terms of how I felt – this was a big positive shift and I was very happy with how I felt.

What was even more interesting, is in the proceeding days I started thinking about Vancouver more and even decided that I wanted to go back to Vancouver and started to put that plan into action.

I didn’t immediately realise that this was due to the session that I had with Alison!
Before our session, I couldn't even conceive of returning to Canada. Any thought of Vancouver and anything connected with that time would have previously triggered strong feelings of anxiety and now I was not only moving back there but was also feeling excited to return to Vancouver!

Then we worked on my dysfunctional relationship I had with my boss in Vancouver – I’m currently on stress leave from work.
My bad feelings towards my boss was around an 8/10 of negative feelings towards him and we managed to bring that down to a 2/10 of feeling indifferent to his challenging ways.

This session made me feel so much better about returning to my job in Vancouver and as a result I’m re-joining my company (from sick leave) in Vancouver this coming August.

The therapies were highly effective and I thank Alison for this incredible work she did.

(IEMT client)
Dan Lessons
Recently I have been working with Alison to help unlock some long held and very stubborn perceptions that are not serving me.
We have used IEMT which I find fascinating.

The last session allowed me to examine a very deep seated voice in my head and shrink it to a level whereby it no longer seems important. The incessant chatter that lurks in my subconscious has been questioned and diminished.

Really interesting. I now have a much healthier view of why the voice was planted and can treat it with curiosity and patience.

(IEMT + NLP client)
Alison Taylor
Alison has been brilliant to work with and learn from.
I never felt judged for the way I was feeling, always felt supported and she has really helped me feel more confident and able to cope with whatever comes my way.

(NLP client)
Liam McHugh - Steve Pye & Co Accounting
I had the pleasure of working with Alison as my Mindset Coach, and I cannot recommend her enough.
Her compassionate and insightful approach to coaching has helped me in countless ways.

Through our sessions, I've gained a better understanding of my thought patterns and how they impact my daily life. Alison has a gift for helping me reframe my perspective and see situations from different angles. I always come away from our sessions feeling motivated and empowered to make positive changes in my life.

Alison is a truly talented coach, and anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will be lucky to have her support and guidance.

(Mindset Coaching client)
Mike Roberts ~ Making Digital Real
I first met with Alison a short time after I was appointed to the post of Principal at a Sixth Form College, where I had worked for a number of years as Vice Principal, and together we worked out a programme of coaching sessions.

Alison was and continues to be a confidential ear in the early stages of my new role, helping me to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of headship and kept me from feeling overwhelmed by my new responsibilities.

Although new to the sector, Alison quickly gained insight into the main issues arising in an educational establishment and her sound judgement and calm, confident manner have been invaluable over the past few months.
Geoff Osborne - Principal of Shooters Hill - MAT Sixth Form College
Alison has an inspirational story of her own and with it now helps people change their lives for the better.
I have really enjoyed my sessions with her and will be no doubt returning to her when I need her.
Someone I know who will be there to help me though my challenges and see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you Alison.
Posy Brewer
I didn't have a catastrophic life event that lead me to Alison.
I just wanted to learn and grow.
I wanted to be better even in the smallest area of my life.
I want to learn what Alison knows.
I wanted to try lessons from someone who's circumstances was stretched further than mine.

And I was right, it's working out beautifully.

I'm not sure why Alison had to go through those experiences but I know her lessons have helped me and I have made a significant change that'll carry me forward for the rest of my life!

I believe the answer to any limiting (big or small) is out there and it's up to us to seek it out.
Amanda Larsen
Alison is an excellent life coach. She is open, friendly, a good listener and extremely clever in the way she quietly helps you to see that you are just not looking at things in quite the right way.

Nothing is too much trouble. At a time when I was feeling unable to keep my appointment, Alison was so understanding, and took time with me to ease my worries, there was absolutely no pressure involved, just concern that I was struggling.

Alison’s methods are so effective that after my first full session she had helped me to eliminate something that had been holding me back for so long. Her professional, but very gentle, caring, personal approach only ever leaves you feeling as if anything is possible, or at the very least, alot happier than before you started talking to Alison.

She can change your life for the better.
Susan Cranfield
Alison has a relaxed style and is very good at putting you at ease, which I think is important when discussing matters of the mind. She has experienced and still practices the power of harnessing mindset in her own life, which is a powerful example to those she coaches.
Isi Booker
I had a wonderful 2 hour session with Alison, to help me with anticipatory performance anxiety prior to presenting a workshop at a conference.

I'm not someone who finds it easy to allow my unconscious mind the freedom to 'go with the flow' but Alison's calm voice, friendly no pressure manner and kindness really helped me to relax. Her positivity and encouragement shone through in a gentle and natural way.

I am proud to say that any performance anxiety I felt, in the lead up to my event and during it, was minimal. I was able to look forward to the event with positivity and confidence and it went very well.

I would strongly recommend Alison.
Dr Rebecca Williams
5 Stars!.
During a period when I was struggling with overwhelm and procrastination, I met Alison. After an initial conversation, I knew that she could help me to refocus although I wasn't sure exactly how. Despite being sceptical as many people usually are, I knew that she had expertise and lived experience.

During our coaching session, Alison calmly and expertly guided me in identifying the self-limiting and damaging beliefs that I had held for a while. She used incredibly effective techniques that enabled me to remove these limiting beliefs whilst remaining calm and developing a balanced energy.

Would I recommend Alison to someone who needs clarity and inspiration?
Yes, in a heartbeat.

Warning: She is brilliant and can help you change your life in such profound ways.
Andy Hall
Alison is very easy to talk to and knows exactly how to help you with your problems. After an hour session with Alison, I had some new tricks to take away with me to help me feel better in certain situations that have continued to raise my confidence and self belief. Thank you Alison!
Jodie Weavers
Working with Alison showed me the value of communication, language and maintaining high quality neurological health. Her coaching is representative of mirroring and transforming your outlook on life by the choice of thoughts and words and the way you respond to others. I highly recommend Alison as your coach whether it is in person or virtually she is a very mindful and spirited professional.
Frank R. Harrison
I felt completely at ease working with Alison. She helped me to establish the underlying issue for us to focus on, and then guided me through a transformational process. I feel like I’m seeing things in a new way since the work we’ve done.
Rosalyn Edmonds
It has been such a pleasure to work with Alison. She proves that you can gain WITHOUT pain. She approached my problems with an ease and confidence which allowed me to discuss them without guilt or shame. She listened carefully, then guided me through the fascinating process of adjusting my default reactions that sometimes paralyse me. I could feel the difference within hours. What’s more, I can remind myself how to access those changes whenever I want to. Sometimes just for fun. It feels good to be free.

Working with Alison has indeed been transformational. Just like it says on the tin.
Zanna Heighton ~ Physical Therapist​
Alison has helped me tremendously. Using NLP techniques that were so simple she was able to achieve so much in helping me move forward in life. The booklet Alison wrote on goal setting was incredibly helpful. Her friendly and professional manner made me feel at ease in the sessions. It was a joy to see the changes I’ve been able to make.

I would thoroughly recommend Alison and Alison Petty Coaching for the help and support she can give with whatever life throws our way.
Alison provided coaching sessions to me when I was going through some difficult times. Her patience, pragmatic and caring nature made it incredibly easy for me to talk and open up to her. Alison really knows how to listen, is non judgemental and made me view things in a very different way. She offered sound guidance and support, making suggestions and practical ways that she could help. Alison also provided additional support whenever needed.

Alison is an excellent coach and has provided me with many new tools to quieten the noise and manage.
I will continue to use Alison’s coaching services and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.'
Kate Roper ~ Chartered MCIPD
Alison is great at asking questions that really make me think about why I act the way I do and consider if this is really the most helpful and constructive behaviour?
Or am I sometimes acting through ingrained habits?

She has also helped me consider some useful approaches for modifying some unhelpful habits and updating some behavioural patterns.
Coaching home mind graphics
Martin Allen - YHA Manorbier Manager
‘Alison is a magician!
Before our coaching session, I was at a standstill with reaching my goal.
I knew what I wanted but had no clue how to get there or how to get over the barriers in my way.

Now I have faith in myself and my work. I am taking my time and producing work I’m truly proud of.
I’m looking forward to seeing what happens and what I’ll achieve!’
Coaching home mind graphics
Rebecca ~ Photographer
'I found this online coaching course with Alison very interesting. We covered a number of topics such as meditation techniques and role play to help me boost my confidence in job interviews and other stressful situations.

At the moment we are looking at questions that you may get asked in a job interview and Alison is helping me to understand some of the questions that I am struggling with and then when I have a basic answer encouraging me to build on this, so that in an interview situation I will be able to answer the questions more fully and with confidence. I have really enjoyed this course and found it very helpful.

I would just like to thank Alison for all her help and support which I really appreciate and I am sure it will help me in the future.'
‘After only one session with Alison she gave me a technique to rid myself quickly of my overwhelming fear and it works!
I’m looking forward to future sessions where I’m sure Alison can help me in my quest to live in the moment and become mindful.’
'Alison is great at listening to what you need and talking you through what she wants you to do.
She totally puts you at ease and you feel much better and not as nervous about what you are going to be doing.
I would highly recommend her to anyone.'
Phil Benton Photography
‘Very flexible, easy to talk to and engaged.
Alison taught me a technique that has worked wonders for helping me get out of bad moods or low times in my life!
Highly recommended setting up a meeting with her, it’s well worth it!’
Coaching home mind graphics
Arnas Magilevičius ~ Student​
'Alison recently helped me sort through my wardrobe and pare it down.
It was a task I had put off for a while, but Alison helped me feel comfortable and confident enough to tackle it.

We spent about an hour going through each item individually and assessing whether it made me feel good. Alison helped me gain a new perspective on items in my wardrobe which allowed me to let go of things I didn't wear anymore but had an attachment to.

I now have a wardrobe where every piece fits me and makes me feel good, and I can't thank Alison enough.
I recommend her highly for any help you need organising or minimising your belongings.
‘Alison’s coaching style is calm yet powerful, based on years of experience which she applies wisely. If you’re ruminating and need help then I highly recommend you schedule a coaching session with Alison.‘
Andrew Wake ~ CEO, Traiders Digital Limited
‘Most succinct and useful goal setting tool that I’ve ever used – guided by an incredibly motivated and kind person!’
Henny ~ College Student
'A friend of mine recently referred me to Alison aka The Minimaliser’s home consultancy services. I had my free consultation with her and then promptly told her that I had the mother of all challenges for her… As soon as we set up our first appointment at my house I began to feel a bit nervous. My parents both passed away in recent times and I’m now living in their old house. It is full of a mixture of both mine and their ‘stuff’ that needs sorting and it all feels utterly overwhelming dealing with that in the midst of this time of bereavement.

In the past I have tried to tackle the ‘stuff’ but after an hour or so, I have to stop due to the emotional nature of the task. I explained this to Alison and that there were other factors involved so decluttering might not be an option at this point. Alison arrived and we started our tour of the house. This, in itself being quite a big thing for me as I’ve felt overwhelmed by it all and am currently feel like I am living in something that is stuck somewhere between my parents house and my home. A sort of twilight zone between the past and future.

During the tour Alison not only listened to my story but asked questions too and as the tour concluded we stopped and chatted. At no point did I feel judged or put under any pressure to do anything that I didn’t feel comfortable with. Alison said that she felt I needed a space within the house that I could call my own until able to complete the sorting of the whole house. Somewhere that I would be happy to sit, entertain or contemplate. I agreed and we began to consider the options. I am lucky with the amount of space that I have so we decided that the conservatory, which I have been using for storage would be my ‘special place’.

Over the next five hours, the transformation was made. At no point did Alison make me feel that it was a chore. We talked, moved things, laughed and drank a lot of tea. I am extremely pleased with the minimalistic space that we have created, and since the visit, Alison has given me the confidence to continue the process we have started. I would highly recommend Alison as her work ethic is the right balance of enthusiasm, efficiency, compassion and understanding. Never too pushy, always on point and it never once felt like a chore. Thank you so much Alison. I’m glad I took the plunge.

Your hard work and my new space has given me a new lease of life.
All the very best for the future and one last massive thank you!'
Tim Phillips
'Alison helped us to sort out our attic which had gotten on top of us rather. She was efficient and pro-active but also patient and worked at our pace which we really needed. In a few hours, she had transformed the central area into a space that we can now move around in and we can now access boxes that we couldn't get at before.

She also re-packed boxes which meant by the end there were a lot less half-empty boxes cluttering up the place.She also made the whole process feel a lot simpler than it normally does when Charlie and I go up there and try to deal with it. It's not a task that either of us relish and I have to admit I don't find getting rid of things easy but Alison seemed to understand that and helped me to see the process in a different light. I might even go as far as to say I enjoyed it!'
Sandy + Charles
Our attic had basically become a bit of a dumping ground since we moved in 2 years ago. We had loads of half unpacked boxes which we just never got round to sorting and we just kept putting off the awful job of clearing it! Fortunately we got Alison to come and tackle it and wow! She got straight in there, no faffing around and seemed to have her own special system sorted instantly. I just had to sit and say what I wanted to keep and what I didn’t and she took care of everything else.

There was no pressure on me in the whole process and I was so impressed at her speed and efficiency. Now our attic is much calmer and I actually know where to find things! The cherry on top of the service was that Alison also took everything away with her to the tip and to charity which I was extremely grateful for as nobody wants that looming over them! Fantastic service!
Olivia + James
'I had been meaning to sort out my wardrobe for a long time, but with Alison’s help I got it all sorted quickly and efficiently. I didn’t realise how much of a change she could make! I didn’t think I had that much stuff but we got rid of seven carrier bags of clothes which she traded in at H&M for me and I got a £5 voucher to use there in return for each of them!

Note: Andy is referring to H&M’s clothes recycling scheme. As part of the service that I provide, should you have bags of clothing to get rid of, I will either take them to a charity shop for you or to H&M and exchange them for one £5 voucher per bag. The clothes get either recycled, turned into new clothes or re-used as second-hand clothes.
Andy Gladdis