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    🎙️🎥 Frank About Health – Radio Guest Appearance

    Earlier this year, I was invited by Frank Harrison and his co-host Phyllis Quinlan to be their guest on the TalkRadioNYC ‘Frank About Health’ radio show.   (Yep that’s right… New York City! Sadly, on Zoom rather than in person but still!)   In this episode, I tell my ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia recovery story – ‘from wheelchair to rock climbing to coaching!’. We of course, talk about NLP, what it is and what it’s all about and how it can enable us to create a powerful road map for our brain. When we harness our mindset in this way we can move forward in our lives with passion and purpose and truly live the life we so desire.   We also talk about the power of language – one of my most very favourite things to talk about! How impacting it can be when we speak to others and they to us but above all, how impacting on us our own internal language can be and therefore, how important it is to become aware of it so that we can…

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    🎙️🎥 A Conversation On: Social Media Anxiety

    When I first met Rebecca, she was a photographer in her mind but not in her reality. She was stuck in a negative state of social media anxiety that was blocking both her creative and productive processes. In this conversation, we talk about our time working together and the journey that I took Rebecca on so that she could create powerful state shifts for herself and her photography career.    Essentially, she went from her primary focus being the need for constant social media interaction and her fear being that she wouldn’t succeed if she wasn’t constantly interacting (which she was doing to the extent that she wasn’t out and about taking photographs!) …to making the mighty leap of deleting all of her social media apps for one month and ONLY taking photographs in that time. At the end of that month, the result was a new photography project that was edited and ready to post on her brand new photography Instagram account that she was incredibly excited about and a renewed passion for taking photographs and the editing process.…

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