🎙️ ‘Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs: A Remarkable Story of Empowered Thinking with Alison Petty

Podcast: The Real Life Buyer Podcast – 12.12.23
Listening time: 46 min

Welcome to the podcast that will shatter your doubts and ignite your potential for success. Join us as we dive deep into the transformative journey of resilience and mindset with an extraordinary guest.

My outstanding guest today is Alison Petty, a renowned resilience and transformational mindset coach and inspiration for all.

From overcoming unimaginable obstacles to unlocking inner power, Alison’s incredible story will leave you motivated and eager to achieve your goals. Discover the strategies and practical techniques rooted in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that Alison used to build resilience and maintain a positive mindset.


Gain insights into challenging limiting beliefs, cultivating mindfulness, and developing a growth mindset. If you’re ready to conquer adversity and unlock your true potential, this podcast could be your gateway to transformation.

🎙️ ‘Resilience Redefined: From a Wheelchair to Rock Climbing to Coaching with guest Alison Petty

Podcast: Helping Organisations Thrive w/ Julian Roberts – 11.11.23
Listening time: 46 min


Alison Petty shares her incredibly inspirational personal transformational story: a true epitome of resilience. From being chronically ill for 24 years and living in a wheelchair, to now freely rock climbing and hiking, Alison shares with us her amazing journey.

From the age of 17 Alison became suddenly extremely unwell, completely shifting what she thought her life would have been. Alison discusses the challenges, the fear, and the disbelief that she experienced throughout the next 24 years, when every treatment option had been exhausted and failed.

Not willing to give up, Alison encountered the Lightning Process, which completely changed her life. No wheelchair. No relapses. No flare ups. Alison shares her passion for this programme and her purpose in now coaching others who are suffering.

🎙️ ‘How our personal narrative shapes our life experience’ 

Podcast: The Fully Alive Podcast – 24.7.23
Listening time: 46 min

In this episode, I share my health transformation story: ‘From a Wheelchair to Rock Climbing to Mindset Coaching’ and discuss the negative and positive impact that our internal and external language and narrative has on our life. Essentially, how the words we use, what we tell ourselves, ultimately shape our experiences.

Episode Highlights:

  • My personal journey through chronic illness, from a wheelchair to rock climbing, to coaching others to harness their mindset, rediscover resilience and live fully
  • The connection between personal language, self-talk and how we define our experiences
  • Embrace and own the awareness that we have endless choices on how we define and tell our personal narratives

🎙️ w/ Special Guest Alison Petty | Mindset Coach

Podcast: What’s a Beautiful Life Anyway? The Podcast with Jill Bennett – Episode 39 – 8.5.23
Listening time: 33 mins


🎙️ ‘Why Is Your Mindset Important and Can It Be Changed?’ 

Podcast: Wisdom Chat and Wisdom Plus Podcasts – S02 E51 – 20.3.23
Listening time: 47mins

🎙️ Two Questions to Create Positive Change

Radio Show: Frank About Health
Listening time: 1 hour

The audience will learn how they can create positive and powerful shifts in their lives by asking two simple yet powerful questions of themselves when caught in a negative thinking spiral and also how they can create a positive roadmap for their brain and therefore their life, by harnessing the power of their own internal and external language.


Alison Petty returns to Frank About Health to talk about how we can shift ourselves from a negative to positive mindset by asking ourselves two simple questions. The two questions that Alison offers are  powerful and when used together, work perfectly to help us make the much needed shift into a positive mental space when we notice that negative mind chatter. We will explore the two questions during the show and Alison will explain why they work so effectively to easily and swiftly create positive change. 


Alison and I will also continue our discussion from the last episode on the power of language and how using positive words in our internal and external narrative enables us to create a powerful roadmap for our brain so that we can truly move forward and live the life we most desire and deserve. 

🎙️ ‘Strength and Resilience’ 

Podcast: Be Amazing; At Home’ – Episode 6 – 24.2.23
Listening time: 45mins

I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with ‘Be Amazing; At Home’s fabulous podcast host Viv Parry.


Listen to me tell my story of how I went from a Wheelchair → Rock Climbing → Mindset Coaching! and pick up some super helpful tips from our discussion about all things mindset and how you truly can harness your brilliant brain to create powerful + positive change in your life ✯

🎙️ Be Inspired by Alison Petty’s story: From a Wheelchair to Rock Climbing to Mindset Coaching  

Podcast: Wisdom Chat and Wisdom Plus Podcasts – S02 E47 – 20.2.23
Listening time: 42 mins

🎙️ ‘Elaine Godley talks to Alison Petty | Mindset Coach

Podcast: ‘Perfect Health and Bright Business Minds with Elaine Godley’ – Sept 22 –
Listening time: 33mins


Elaine Godley has had her own incredibly inspiring and powerful health transformation overcoming cancer so it was such an honour to be invited to be a guest on her podcast.


Listen to me tell my story of how I went from a Wheelchair → Rock Climbing → Mindset Coaching! and pick up some super helpful tips from our discussion about all things mindset and how you truly can harness your brilliant brain to create powerful + positive change in your life ✯

🎙️ ‘The Power of Beliefs’
I recently had the honour of being part of an insightful radio discussion panel hosted by Steve Twynam on Yowah Radio talking on the topic of Beliefs.

➜ What is a belief?
➜ Where do our beliefs come from?
➜ Who owns the belief?


This show was 5th in the global business chart and 57th in the global talk chart.


🎙️ Harnessing the POWER of language | Radio Show | NYC 3.11.22

Earlier this year, I was invited by Frank R. Harrison and his co-host Phyllis Quinlan to be their guest on the TalkRadioNYC ‘Frank About Health’ radio show.


In this conversation, I explain how the inner dialogue we have with ourselves can be incredibly impactful and how it is therefore important that we learn how to observe and harness our inner narrative so that we can ensure we are using positive language instead of negative.


This gives our brain a healthy structure of thinking so that we can move forward throughout our life with positivity, passion and purpose. We will also be talking about how using active language also enables us to communicate more effectively with others. This inevitably will also lead to the creation of healthy relationships and clear boundaries with those around us.

I also share mindset techniques that will enable a positive experience for all in the workplace, in social situations and explain how important it is to create a positive and powerful roadmap for your brain that will navigate you towards a higher quality of mindset health and physical wellness 💫


And of course, I (briefly) tell me story of ➝ Wheelchair ➝ Rock Climbing ➝ Mindset Coaching and talk about my coaching work and how for me, mindset coaching is my life’s purposeツ