Letting go of our belongings can feel challenging, overwhelming and often painful. Even for those of us who are willing and ready to downsize our ‘stuff’.


We can become so buried under all that we have accumulated over the years that it becomes impossible to see our lives for all of the clutter that surrounds us.


Often we are not aware of this until it becomes too late (although it is of course, never too late to deal with it!) and once we finally make that realisation, the problem can often feel insurmountable.


There is a happy flip-side to this struggle though…





Once the process of downsizing begins, then so too can begin the liberation which is all just the very start of helping to move our lives in new and exciting directions.


Once the clutter is removed and our treasured items have their own happy homes in which to sit, we can begin to see more clearly and without question, a weight is slowly but surely lifted.


I am understanding and empathetic towards the potential struggles involved with letting go.


Of letting go of anything.


From inanimate objects to our
fellow beings.



I offer a free one-hour consultation so that I can find out what both you and your home/office needs in order to find balance and harmony.

I can then guide you through the organisation + minimalisation process in person or via Zoom.

Therefore, my approach towards every client and their interior space is:

➾ Compassionate

➾ Non-judgemental

➾ Discrete

➾ Confidential

To discuss how I can best help you, book your FREE one-hour Discovery Call with me via the calendar below or email me at alison@alisonpetty.com