I can thoroughly recommend Alison as a truly interesting, entertaining and engaging speaker.
Her story is one of triumph over adversity - and she tells it so well that it can't fail to inspire other people who hear it, helping them to develop resilience, realise their abilities and potential and forge a mindset conducive to success.

Highly recommended!
Phil McCabe ~ Merseyside and Cheshire Development Manager at Federation of Small Businesses
I had the pleasure of attending Alison Petty's captivating talk at the recent Federation of Small Business' North Wales Conference on Business Resilience. From the moment she stepped on stage, Alison's energy and passion for her subject were palpable.

Her talk, centered around her personal health transformation, NLP expertise, and the astounding power of the human brain, left a lasting impression on the entire audience.

Alison's ability to share her journey of transformation in such a relatable and inspiring manner was truly remarkable. Her story resonated with everyone in the room, and she effortlessly connected with the audience on an emotional level, leaving us all feeling motivated and empowered.

Moreover, Alison's insights into her coaching process were invaluable. She generously shared practical tips and techniques that left us equipped to overcome challenges and unlock our potential. Her expertise in NLP and her deep understanding of the human mind were evident throughout her talk.

I was thoroughly impressed by Alison's delivery and stage presence. She has a natural gift for engaging the audience, and her storytelling abilities are exceptional. Her talk was both informative and entertaining, making it a highlight of the conference.

I highly recommend Alison as a speaker for any event or gathering. Her passion, knowledge, and ability to connect with people make her a true asset to any stage. I have no doubt that she will continue to inspire and uplift audiences wherever she speaks.

If you are seeking a dynamic and charismatic speaker who can leave a lasting impact on your audience, look no further than Alison Petty. I wish her all the best in her future speaking endeavors and have no doubt that she will continue to make a positive difference in the lives of those she encounters.
Gwyneth Sweatman ~ FSB Head of Public Affairs (Wales)
Alison is a captivating public speaker with an ability to connect with the audience on a personal and emotive level.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Alison through my role in the FSB and she is a regular attendee at many of our events.

Her personality is infectious and shines through when she is speaking, the telling of her journey is such an incredible one, it deserves to be heard the world over.
Shona Holmes-Berry ~ FSB Operational Support Co-ordinator
I had the pleasure of interviewing Alison on the 'Helping Organisations Thrive' podcast, and her story left a profound impact on me.

Her journey from a wheelchair to rock climbing and ultimately becoming a mindset coach is an extraordinary tale of resilience, determination and transformation. During our conversation, I found myself completely engaged as Alison's words resonated deeply with me.

Her authenticity and vulnerability in sharing her experiences enabled me to connect with her on a personal level. Having witnessed the impact of Alison's story, I am confident in recommending her as a keynote speaker for any organisation or networking event.

Her presence and her ability to connect with the audience will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

And finally, If you're seeking a keynote speaker who can ignite a spark of motivation and resilience within your audience, look no further than Alison.
Her inspiring story will stay with you long after the event is over.
Julian Roberts Consulting - 'Helping Organisations Thrive' - Podcast Host
Alison gave a talk at our recent FSB Berkshire Networking Meeting and was received with great adulation.

Her background and history of overcoming massive challenges not only inspires her audience but endorses her skill in being able to support others to either achieve tough objectives or overcome issues and challenges that they face.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Alison both personally and professionally.
Nikki Burns ~ FSB Chair Thames Valley Region ~ Business Advisor ~ Business Consultant
I am absolutely thrilled to share my heartfelt testimonial for Alison Petty and the extraordinary talk she delivered at YaaMas online networking meeting today.

Alison's presentation on the subject of 'From a Wheelchair to Rock Climbing to Mindset Coaching!' was very inspiring and left a lasting impact on all the attendees. She shared her personal journey of resilience and transformation, taking us through the incredible challenges she faced, from overcoming physical limitations to accomplishing the seemingly impossible.

Her story was a true testament to the power of the human spirit and the unwavering determination to conquer adversity.
In the short time allocated for her talk, Alison managed to deliver an abundance of value and insight.
Her narrative was not only captivating but also filled with valuable lessons.

I cannot thank Alison enough for gracing our networking meeting with her remarkable story and insights.
Her talk was an invaluable experience that left a lasting impression on all who were present.

I wholeheartedly recommend Alison Petty as a speaker and I look forward to witnessing the positive impact she continues to make on countless lives.
Maria Newman - YaaMas Networking Host
What can I say?!

Not only did Alison step in very last minute to be guest speaker, but she blew the group away with how engaging she was.

She was extremely candid about her experiences and spoke incredibly passionately about the power of the mind.

The chat room was awash with positive comments and thoughts on how people could implement this in their every day lives.

I can highly recommend Alison as a guest speaker.
Not just for motivational talks but if you want the group to take away something practical that can help improve their lives.

Thank you Alison!
Ann Scott - Development Manager (Essex) at Federation of Small Businesses
Alison kindly took the time to speak at one of our FSB online events last week.
The talk was delivered in such an open and honest manner, and it naturally developed into a very interesting question-and-answering session that highlighted just how valuable the session was for our members.

Alison’s story is truly inspiring.
There is something every listener can take away from it.

I highly recommend Alison as a speaker and look forward to working with her again in the future.
Rachel Mc Cook - FSB Operational Support
Alison spoke at a recent West Yorkshire FSB event and it was incredible.
Alison's story is amazing - and if I had been told it second hand I wouldn't believe it.

But as always it isn't just about the story, it is also about the storyteller.
Alison is a skilled speaker who knows how to keep an audience interested and knows exactly how to communicate a message.

If you haven't heard Alison speak then you are in for a treat.
Barney Mynott - Development Manager at the Federation of Small Businesses
Having met Alison on an online event I was quickly impressed with her 'back story' and reasons behind doing her NLP business.
I was quite simply blown away with the online presentation I asked her to do for FSB Cheshire.

Alison knows her stuff and talks the talks and most definitely walks the walk.
Everybody has only positive and enthusiastic comments about her and her business.
I can honestly say Alison never ceases to amaze me and its obvious why her business has grown so rapidly.
Darren Gallimore - FSB Membership Advisor and Cheshire + Manchester Networking Event Host
Alison has spoken at many of our FSB online networking events around the country.
She offers a hugely motivational story which all our members can engage with.
The feedback is always one of education about NLP but also inspiring.
Thank you Alison for sharing your journey and small business with the FSB.
Mia Mulquin - FSB Operational Support Coordinator for London and Thames Valley
I’d recommend business networks invite Alison to be a speaker if they are looking for inspiration.
Her story is a “no fluff” story and she tells it as it is.

Business leaders and owners can feel the strain on many occasions of running their business but imagine not being able to walk or cycle, Alison couldn’t do it for a big percentage of her life and tells the story of how she has used the power of her mind to overcome her personal challenges.

I’ve recommend Alison to speak at other network meetings and I would recommend listening to her story and inviting her to your business network to speak.
Simon Cox - NNBN Networking Host
Alison joined us recently at the networking group I host called EVN to share her story.
Alison was an absolute pleasure to liaise with before and after the event and on the day her presentation was engaging and captured the attention of the audience.

After the presentation Alison was gracious enough to answer questions from the attendees.

Feedback from the group was fantastic and we are delighted to have had Alison share her story with the group.
I cannot recommend Alison highly enough. Warm, engaging - a natural presenter.
Sharon Slade - EVN Networking Host