In the latest episode of ‘A Conversation On’, Vipan Maini ( and I talk on the subject of adversity and how when you connect with your inner resilience you can learn and grow from the tough times that life often throws our way.


We also talk about the experience of depression and how to navigate through those dark times back towards the light.


Vipan and I both share our personal stories of some of the toughest times that we’ve experienced throughout our lives and how we found our way through those deeply dark and challenging times and learned many important and powerful life lessons along the way.


We also throw in some self-coaching techniques to help you find your way through those tough times back to your stronger self so that you can live the life you most desire and deserve.


Vipan speaks from experience and from his heart.




In his early 40s, he experienced two heart attacks which turned his world upside down. He’s also had major back surgery, suffered opioid addiction whilst trying to control back pain and has been diagnosed as suffering major coronary artery disease. 


His inner resilience though saw him through those dark days and he now coaches others to discover and embrace their own inner resilience so that they too can navigate the many highs and lows of their own lives.


As he says himself ‘It is in times of deep despair that you learn the most about yourself and how deep your resilience is.’


My many thanks to Vipan for sharing his life experiences with us on ‘A Conversation On’. 


His, is an inspirational and insightful story and one that I hope you also will enjoy and take good learnings from to use within your own life and times.

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