Earlier this year, I was invited by Frank R. Harrison and his co-host Phyllis Quinlan, to be their guest on the TalkRadioNYC ‘Frank About Health’ radio show. (Yep that’s right… New York City! Sadly, on Zoom rather than in person but still!)


The show went so well that I was invited to return for a second conversation with Frank in November 22.


In this conversation, I explain how the inner dialogue we have with ourselves can be incredibly impactful and we discuss how it is therefore, important that we learn how to observe our inner narrative so that we can ensure we are using positive language instead of negative.


This gives our brain a healthy structure of thinking so that we can move forward throughout our life with positivity, passion and purpose. We will also be talking about how using active language also enables us to communicate more effectively with others. This inevitably will also lead to the creation of healthy relationships and clear boundaries with those around us.


I also share mindset techniques that will enable a positive experience in the work place, in social situations and explain how important it is to create a roadmap for your brain that will navigate you towards a higher quality of mental health and wellness.


And of course, I talk about my coaching work and how for me, #mindset #coaching is my life’s #purpose ツ


This episode aired in November 2022.


P.s. You can watch Part One of this conversation > HERE <

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