In this episode of ‘A Conversation On’, Mark and I talk on the subject of loss in its many shapes and forms and how it can be both a positive and a negative experience. And how the loss of the old is necessary to make space for the new. 


Mark and I both share personal stories of loss and grief experienced throughout our lives and how we found our way through those deeply dark and challenging times and learned many important and powerful life lessons along the way.


We also throw in some self-coaching techniques for good measure!


Mark is a somewhat reluctant contrarian/heretic in business, now entering the 5th decade of his career. His passion, enthusiasm and determination to tell the truth, even when it’s awkward or risky, is largely undiminished though tempered by experience.


He still believes the best is yet to come and was thrilled to discover 10-12 years ago that research proves the most enduringly successful companies have a compelling purpose beyond profit. 


Mark has built an international community of what he calls likeminded, like-hearted and like-spirited business leaders, managers, coaches and advisors. It’s known as The Resolving Community. It reflects his love of bringing people together to have fun and to help each other fulfil their true potential.


He understands that healthy business is just part of life, that it’s vocational and not purely about making money and that it entails personal suffering and loss as well as joy. These things are inextricably intertwined.


Find out more about Mark’s coaching work at ➝ Resolve Gets Results


My many thanks to Mark, my friend and coaching colleague for taking part in what was my very first ‘A Conversation On’. Talking with Mark on any subject is always an inspirational and insightful pleasure and one that I hope you also, will enjoy and take good things away from to use in your own life and times.

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