In April 22, I was invited by Frank Harrison and his co-host Phyllis Quinlan to be their guest on the TalkRadioNYC ‘Frank About Health’ radio show.

(Yep, that’s right… New York City! Sadly, on Zoom rather than in person but still!)


In this episode, I tell my ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia recovery story – ‘from wheelchair to rock climbing to coaching!’. We of course, talk about NLP, what it is and what it’s all about and how it can enable us to create a powerful road map for our brain. When we harness our mindset in this way we can move forward in our lives with passion and purpose and truly live the life we so desire.


We also talk about the power of language – one of my most very favourite things to talk about! How impacting it can be when we speak to others and they to us but above all, how impacting on us our own internal language can be and therefore, how important it is to become aware of it so that we can harness it to powerfully propel us forward and make us feel GOOD as opposed to………..


And of course, I talk about my coaching work and how for me, mindset coaching is my life’s purpose ツ


P.s. The show was such a great success that I was invited back later that year for Part Two in Nov 22… which you can watch > HERE <

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