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    Reconnection within the Workplace

    The modern workplace can often be a noisy and chaotic space within which we find ourselves existing for a large portion of our working week. And with the current virtual office extension that is ‘back to back’ Zoom meetings, it is now more than ever, all too easy to become disconnected from those around us to protect our ability to carry out our own work. Focus shifts from ‘organisation’ and ‘team’ to ‘individual’ and while this might make us feel like we are achieving, we are also likely to be missing out on an important connection. That of our connection with our colleagues.   In 2019, the Office for National Statistics (ONS), reported that 12.4% of the UK population worked from home at some point during their working week. In 2020, that figure doubled to 25.9% – or 8.4 million people. Whilst many will welcome the option to work from home there will undoubtedly be a large proportion of that figure who will find it to be a lonely and disconnected scenario. Therefore, reconnection is now more important than ever.…

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    Putting Our Past Back In Our Past

    ‘The past is never where you think you left it.’ ― Katherine Anne Porter I have a question for you.Who’s the boss of you? My answer to this question is always, without hesitation, Bruce ‘The Boss’ Springsteen. But back on planet Earth, my answer to this question will often be in debate. One recent evening I was cleaning my teeth and as I was standing there brushing away, I realised that my stomach was churning with anxiety. On investigating the trigger of this feeling, I quickly realised that it wasn’t being caused by a current struggle in my life but instead simply a voice in my head that was from a time in my distant past. As the anxiety stirred away deep within, it occurred to me how bizarre it is that a voice such a long way from me now in time and location could still be having such a strong and negative effect on my body. The human truth is…When we come out the other side of difficult times in our life we are left with a plethora…

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    What change will you make today?

    What change will you make today? comment below 💬  Here’s mine!  In Michael Mosley’s ‘Just One Thing’ podcast episode titles ‘Early Morning Walk’ he talks about the secret power that early morning light has on our body and mind and suggests that by walking for at least 30 minutes within 2 hours of waking, can help to create a clearer mind for your day of living and a sleepier mind for your incoming night of sleeping 💤 So I’m going to test this out by taking a brisk 30 minute walk first thing 👣  with the intention too, to turn myself into a morning person. For this would only have a positive impact on my day ☀️ Yours mindfully 🌿

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    ★ The questions we ask ourselves

    So it turns out, the questions we ask ourselves (usually without realising it) are one of the most impacting and influential forces on our days and indeed, our lives. Gertrude has recently found herself in debt.She says to herself (aka she asks herself the following question): Q: Why am I always so broke?! Her brain will hear that question and immediately (and so very helpfully) go searching for the answer. There is a problem with her brain being so helpful though. It won’t know to look for anything other than the exact answer to that question. It doesn’t know to bring back an answer that will make her feel better and uplift her as opposed to one that will take her lower. It will only give her the exact answer to her question. So the answers that her brain will find will go something along the lines of: A: ‘Because I have rubbish job and I’m not good enough to earn more so what’s the point in saving?!’ <—- Another question for your brain to exactly answer! A: ‘Because I’m not worthy of…

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    ‘The quality of your consciousness at this moment…’ ~ Eckhart quote from ‘The Power of Now’ ☼

    ‘The quality of your consciousness at this moment is what shapes the future. Which of course, can only be experienced in The Now.  If it is the quality of your consciousness at this moment that determines the future, then what is it that determines the quality of your consciousness. Your degree of presence. So the only place where true change can occur and where the past can be dissolved … is in The Now‘ ~ from ‘The Power of Now’ ~ Eckhart Tolle  ☼ Yours mindfully,Alison

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    Olivia and James moved into their beautiful new house two years ago and while every other inch of their home is pristine, clutter-free and so very beautifully put together, there was just this one area of ‘still to be dealt with’ stuff that had been hidden away since the day they moved in.   After moving in, Olivia turned their converted attic space into a treatment room for her massage and holistic therapy business. The area you see in the photograph makes up one third of the room and is always screened off leaving a tranquil space for her to work in. During our consultation, she talked about how she was constantly aware of the chaos that sat just behind the screen and how she had concerns about clients taking a peek while she would leave the room after a treatment to let them get dressed.   Most of the items in the boxes were things that they would need at some point (skiing gear and electrical equipment etc) so it was mostly a matter of re-boxing everything. I did leave though…