In this episode of A Conversation On, my friend and fellow coach Andy Hall and I converse on the subject of PURPOSE.

Knowing our purpose in life is unquestionably, one of life’s BIG questions and indeed, quests.

We can feel lost when we don’t know what our life’s purpose is.

And found, when we do.


Knowing our life’s purpose is such a fundamental element of what it is to be human and so we explore this topic in order to better understand the important part that purpose plays in our world in its many shapes and forms.


In this deeply honest and open conversation, Andy and I share our stories of our personal journeys discovering what our own life’s purpose is.
And indeed… purposes!


And just as importantly, we talk about how it’s not always been a thing that we’ve known.


We talk about:

➤ What the experience was for us of not knowing what our purpose was (we’ve all be there!)

➤ How we discovered what our purpose is and how discovering that has changed the direction of our lives

➤ What the experience is of now knowing what our purpose is in lifeAnd of course, we also share our thoughts and advice on how to find out what purpose means for you if you’ve yet to answer that question for yourself.

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Andy is a purpose-driven coach, mentor, and trainer who specialises in helping leaders and business owners improve their energy, performance, and relationships. After experiencing a burnout-induced breakdown, he persevered and rebuilt his life, achieving financial freedom and becoming a coach, mentor, TEDx speaker and endurance athlete.


Another coach and mentor, Andy uses his own experiences to challenge, support and to help individuals and teams achieve positive change.Andy has received recognition as Mentor of the Year, Highly Commended Mentor of the Year, and National Leadership and Management Advisor of the Year, among other notable awards. And his expertise has been featured on BBC News and Radio. He has also spoken at, hosted and curated TEDx and appeared on many international podcasts.


You can find out more about Andy’s coaching work at ➝


My many thanks to Andy for sharing his insights on purpose with us on ‘A Conversation On’. He is a brilliant human who is out there truly living his purpose. He spends his days inspiring others to make powerful changes in their own lives. Andy is most definitely someone to pay attention to and be inspired by so enjoy listening and take good learnings from him to use in your own life and times.