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    The Minimaliser Mindset

    what is: the minimaliser mindset MINIMALIST [noun]: a person who advocates or practises minimalism MINDSET [noun]: the established set of attitudes held by someone The Minimaliser Mindset is simply one of lessening.    Whether it’s the lessening of the chaotic home clutter or the monkey mind chatter, we can choose to apply a mindful + minimalist approach in our thinking, our reactions and our actions.   When we do this, we create that quiet space within us and from there, we are able to see ourselves and the world around us more clearly.   This, in turn, enables us to make decisions that will propel us forward in ways we never previously imagined possible.

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    Client: Zach ~ Wardrobe Blitz!

    Zach’s wardrobe wasn’t exactly overloaded with clothes but he knew that a lot of what he did have no longer fitted him as in recent times, he’d dropped some pounds and was planning to continue on his weight loss journey.   From start to finish, this project took about an hour which goes to show how much you can achieve in a short time when you go at it, are decisive and for both of those things, have a little expert guidance and moral support to help you along the way. BEFORE AFTER Stage #1We started by removing all of Zach’s clothes from the rail and hangers. This is an important part of the process as it begins to de-personalise the clothing which helps to make the letting go process somewhat easier. Stage #2Find some floor space so that you can do the following: Empty ALL of the clothes into one BIG pile on the floor. The messier the heap… the better!  As again, this helps to de-personalise. The clothes become a pile of multi-coloured material instead of items of…

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    Tim and the Carving of Space

    For the rest of my minimalising days, this will unquestionably be one of my most special and most memorable jobs. Last summer, my darling Father unexpectedly passed away. I had always dreaded that day but never did I, nor my family imagine that it would happen in the midst of a global pandemic. I’m sure I don’t need to explain how challenging this time was for us all. A week after the funeral, my family and I had to make the painful decision to sell the family home as my Mum is now unable to live alone and will now live with my brother and his wonderful family in an independent Annex at their home. This meant that we needed to sell the family home as quickly as possible in order to fund the build of the Annex. I was fortunate at the time to be on furlough and this meant that I was able to be part of the process of dealing with the house sale and I knew that the one way in which I could be most…

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    Olivia and James moved into their beautiful new house two years ago and while every other inch of their home is pristine, clutter-free and so very beautifully put together, there was just this one area of ‘still to be dealt with’ stuff that had been hidden away since the day they moved in.   After moving in, Olivia turned their converted attic space into a treatment room for her massage and holistic therapy business. The area you see in the photograph makes up one third of the room and is always screened off leaving a tranquil space for her to work in. During our consultation, she talked about how she was constantly aware of the chaos that sat just behind the screen and how she had concerns about clients taking a peek while she would leave the room after a treatment to let them get dressed.   Most of the items in the boxes were things that they would need at some point (skiing gear and electrical equipment etc) so it was mostly a matter of re-boxing everything. I did leave though…

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    PROJECT > ANDY ~ WARDROBE BLITZ This project was a simple case of a not overly messy wardrobe that just needed a good clear-out, downsize and re-organisation. I began by pulling out all of the clothes (and there were many more items tucked behind all that you can see in the ‘before’ photo!) and then one by one held them up to Andy who, incredibly decisively and quickly said ‘yes’ or ‘no’. We therefore soon ended up with a pile to be taken away that was almost as big as the pile to be kept and re-hung! Once the ‘to be kept’ pile was ready, I re-hung all of his coats and shirts and then folded all of his MANY t-shirts so that the print could be seen without him needing to pull them all out to find the one he would want to wear on any given day. There were seven bags to be taken away by the end of the job, which I took to H&M and traded in for £5 vouchers (valid on a £25 spend) which as he shops regularly in H&M, turned out to…