This project was a simple case of a not overly messy wardrobe that just needed a good clear-out, downsize and re-organisation. I began by pulling out all of the clothes (and there were many more items tucked behind all that you can see in the ‘before’ photo!) and then one by one held them up to Andy who, incredibly decisively and quickly said ‘yes’ or ‘no’. We therefore soon ended up with a pile to be taken away that was almost as big as the pile to be kept and re-hung!

Once the ‘to be kept’ pile was ready, I re-hung all of his coats and shirts and then folded all of his MANY t-shirts so that the print could be seen without him needing to pull them all out to find the one he would want to wear on any given day.

There were seven bags to be taken away by the end of the job, which I took to H&M and traded in for £5 vouchers (valid on a £25 spend) which as he shops regularly in H&M, turned out to be a good trade-in! The clothes get either recycled, turned into new clothes or re-used as second-hand clothes. (More info below in the testimonial.)

Win win + job done!