The Lightning Process | Your LP Journey

aka your journey of 6 inches!

As the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once famously and so very wisely said:


When you are living with a chronic health condition or are struggling with on-going mental health issues it can often feel like there is no light at the end of a very long dark tunnel ahead. With all that was once good in your world literally feeling a thousand miles away, far out of reach and that first all important single step feeling both a physical and mental impossibility.

I know this because I too, have felt lost in the dark at the start of that thousand mile journey.

So let’s break this down because with the Lightning Process training there really are just a small handful of very simple steps that you need to take in order to get the change that I know is possible. And trust me, if you’re ready for the training then all of the bits and pieces in-between will then take care of themselves.

Step One


In order to give clarity and insight into the Lightning Process training and how it all works, Dr Phil Parker created a series of audio downloads so that you can feel fully equipped with all the knowledge you need to decide if this training program is right for you.

In the audio, he will talk you through:

➤ What the LP is

➤ The mind / body connection

➤ How our neurology can be harnessed for positive change

➤ How the LP actually works and enables that positive change

➤ What you can expect from your training

➤ What you can expect from your trainer

➤ What happens after the seminar – follow up and support

➤ The research on the LP

➤ + some awesome success stories of past trainees!

Before filling in your application, please ensure that you have listened to the audio that’s relevant for your LP journey.

You can purchase your audio download via the link at the end of this page.

The audio costs £15.99.
Should you go on to take the training I will refund this cost as part of your LP package fee.

And really you have everything to gain here because should you then decide that the training isn’t right for you, I guarantee you will learn a lot from Phil as there is so much information in the audio around how the mind / body connection can enable us to create powerful change in our lives. So this will still be a super valuable listening experience!

Knowledge truly is power… and empowering!

Step Two


Step two is a step of two options!

  1. You know the training is for you > so jump to Step Three!
  2. You’re still unsure so let’s have a chat!


    Book a free call with me 📞

Step Three


You’re ready to go so now it’s time to fill in the application form.

Once I’ve received your application I’ll contact you to arrange a convenient time for us to have a chat so that we can figure out if the LP is the right fit for you. 


Should we come to the conclusion that it’s not the right fit for right now then we can explore how we can help you shift and ‘get into the right place’ with the support of NLP coaching and/or IEMT. 

You can find the link to Apply below

Step Four


Now it’s time to decide if you want to attend a group training or if you would prefer to have a 1-1 training.

You can find the link to my LP dates and fees information below

Step Five


This is where you’ll find out how going from STUCK to FLOURISHING really is only a journey of 6 inches!

Find out more about what you can expect from the training via the links below

Step Six


So now you’ve completed the 3 days of training… what next?

➤  Well firstly, it’s time to celebrate both the awesomeness of you and your brilliant brain and… your new life!

➤  Well of course, you’ll receive a certificate for being so brilliant and for creating such powerful change for yourself!

➤  You’ll also receive a free Graduate audio download that you can listen to when you need a boost and reminder to do your LPs from the man himself, Dr Phil Parker!

➤  AND you can also expect a little something from me in the post to remind you of your innate resilience and brilliance 💫

Step Seven


So now it’s the exciting part. You’re out the training door and out into the big wide wonderful world and it’s time to ‘practice, practice, practice!’ in order to build on the amazing changes you’ll have already made over the three days of the LP seminar.


Because as you’ll have found out from the training, re-wiring your amazing neurology is all about consistency and congruency!

We all need a little help and support from time to time though, so included in your training package are:


➤  4 x 50 min follow up / support calls

On these calls:

➤  You can ask all of the silly questions (there’s no such thing!)

➤  We can go over anything you’re unsure of

➤  We can check if there’s anything blocking your progress

➤  You can tell me all of the awesome positive changes you’ve noticed already!

(Further support would then be available at an additional cost if that would be useful for you and your ongoing LP journey.)

As your LP trainer and coach, I am committed to being there for you ‘every step of the way’, which is a phrase you will come to know and love should you one day find yourself on an LP training seminar!

Step Eight


“Go on… off you go… what are you waiting for?!
Go crush it, crusher!”


I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines and looking forward to hearing ALL about it! ツ

But first…

It’s back to Step One!

Visit the Lighting Process store to get your LP Part One – Audio Download


And remember, should you go on to take the training I will refund the £15.99 price as part of your LP training package.