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I’ve put this question first as it’s one of the most frequently asked in regards to the LP. And I totally understand why as when I was living through my years of chronic illness, it was often suggested both by the medical profession and society that it was ‘all in my mind’ and because the LP in essence, enables us to harness our mind and neurology in order to create change, it can often be tragically misunderstood that the LP is also saying ‘it’s all in the mind.’


So it’s really important for me to address this as this misunderstanding could get in the way of you getting back your life and health!


The Lightning Process is in no way suggesting that the condition you currently have is ‘all in your mind’.


Rather, the Lightning Process teaches how our physical and mental health can become ‘stuck’ or ‘glitched’ due to external influences such as viruses, neurological and autoimmune issues, chemical sensitivities and of course, all the kinds of modern stresses that can leave one feeling anxious, overwhelmed, depressed and ‘stuck’ in one’s life.


In order to enable the trainee to resolve this ‘stuckness’, the LP teaches a powerful tool that enables them to harness the power of their mind-body connection so that they can create healthy and positive change within their physiology and life.


Importantly, the LP also reminds us that we humans have endless choices and influence over how we move through our world and the Process itself supports us by reminding us of this fact. We can then use the Process whenever we need to make empowering steps forwards for ourselves.


I was very much the kind of person who’d wanted to live a full and vibrant life. When I was 14 my dream was to one day grown up and be a rock climbing instructor and by now be living in the Canadian Rockies with my kayak and dog. So I was very much not someone who would then have spent 24 chronically ill because she was just ‘thinking negatively’ or ‘thinking illness’.


So my experience and understanding of this is that while the LP is very much not suggesting that it’s ‘all in the mind’ what I and thousands of others have found to be true from taking the training is that the LP essentially gives you a tool that is your key to unlocking your own brain’s innate brilliance and ability to effect powerful and positive change over both your mental and physical health and well-being.


And speaking about the power of ‘choice and influence’…

I remember all too well how in April 2016 (two weeks before taking the training!) I’d felt like I was out of options in regards to ever finding my ‘cure’. But I wasn’t. My decision to take the Lightning Process training was in truth the best decision that I’ve ever made in my life to date and I know that I won’t ever make a better one.


The LP training gave me my life back in a way I couldn’t even begin to imagine would ever be possible. And to be honest, I would far rather that was thanks to the power of my own brilliant brain and my mind-body harnessing skills than thanks to some pill!


So I regularly tip my hat to my own beautiful innate power of choice and influence and of course, Dr Phil Parker for creating the LP and I am also forever grateful for that day when I remembered I had a choice!

Well it’s all in the name!


Lightning Process designer Dr Phil Parker came up with the name after witnessing how his early LP trainee’s experienced ‘lightning fast’ results once they’d been through the training.


So what better name to represent such an AWEsome result!

Well firstly, perhaps a more far more useful question to ask yourself is… 


‘What if the Lightning Process IS right for me and what would having THAT positive health shift give me and my life?’


As you consider that question, notice how your mind starts to shift into a whole new place of intriguing possibilities!


But also, if you’ve read through all of the information on my website

AND are intrigued

AND understand that the Lightning Process is a training and not a therapy

AND are of the belief that you can positively influence your physical and mental health by utilising your very own mind-body connection

THEN there’s a strong chance that the training is exactly right for you!


But if you’ve had a read through all of the information and you’re still unsure then let’s have a chat

LP clients come to the training to resolve a wide range of both physical and mental health conditions.


The following is a list of some of the most common but please do get in touch if you can’t find your condition here as it might still be one that the Lightning Process would positively effect and potentially resolve.


➤  ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Post-Viral Fatigue

➤  Fibromyalgia

➤  Long Covid

➤  General Chronic Pain

➤  Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

➤  POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)

➤  Lupus

➤  Fatigue

➤  Insomnia

➤  Migraines

➤  Depression

➤  Anxiety

➤  Burn Out

➤  Brain Fog

➤  Tinnitus

➤  Chemical Sensitivities

➤  IBS, food intolerances and other digestive issues

➤  …and many other neurological and autoimmune issues

When you train with me you will get 4 x 60 min follow up support calls as part of your package.


The group training the support calls will be either with the rest of the group when possible or 1-1 when not.

The 1-1 package includes 1-1 support follow up calls.


These calls will be there to:

Answer any questions that may come up after the 3 day seminar

➤ Help you tweak and enhance your LP skills so that the Process is even more effective for you and your life

Cheerlead as you continue to create your brilliant brain’s brand spankin’ new road map of your shiny new health and life

Support you in utilising your LP skills as you step out into the world!


After the included 4 x 60 min calls you will have the option for on-going support with me at an additional discounted coaching price.

The Lightning Process is a non medical approach to mental health issues and physical conditions. Therefore, the practitioners are not qualified to diagnose or give medical advice.


While there are a handful of Lightning Process practitioners on the Register who are also medically trained, in general the LP practitioners are not medically trained.


Lighting Process practitioners do however undergo two years of Clinical training that result in the following qualifications:

  Lightning Process Practitioner®

  Master Practitioner – Diploma in NLP, Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy

➤  Advanced Diploma in NLP, Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy

  Clinical Diploma in NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy


All practitioners are trained to the same exceptionally high standard by Dr Phil Parker himself. This is so that Head Office can ensure that every LP trainee receives the same experience throughout their LP journey and quality of training.

Many clients do take the training whilst on medication. However, it is important to note that my LP application form will require you to fully disclose a list all medical issues and current medications.


We would then discuss your current medical scenario in your application call and then determine between us if the training would be right for you at that time.

You can read and stay up to date with all of the latest results and research via the Lightning Process website:

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