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LP Part One – Audio Downloads

In the LP Part One audio downloads, Dr Phil Parker will explain all you need to know about the training and how it can enable you back to great health and GREAT life!


Although of course, you can also always book your free call with me to find out more ツ


As you can see below, he has created a few different versions in order to more directly cover a wide range of both physical and mental health conditions but you only need to listen to the one that is most relevant to your health recovery journey. Should you then go on to take the LP training, I will refund the cost of one audio download as part of your training package.


So when you’re ready to find out more, simply choose and purchase your download via the Lighting Process online store. The audio downloads are £15.99 each. 

+ here are a few more ways to find out more about Dr Phil Parker and the Lightning Process

Visit the Lightning Process website HERE

Listen to the Lightning Process podcast HERE

Visit the Lightning Process YouTube channel HERE