After 24 years of being chronically ill with ME and Fibromyalgia, I am SO very happy to report that today… I am 8 magnificent years healthy and FULLY living my life! 😍

Find out more about my health transformation and how I went ‘From a Wheelchair ➝ Rock Climbing ➝ Mindset Coaching!’ here ➜

And THIS lovely lady is Linda Morgan who was my Lightning Process practitioner back in May 2016 and who is therefore, one of the legends responsible for my magnificent health recovery  🙌🏻

This photo was taken earlier this year in March at the Lightning Process practitioner conference in London.


I was in attendance because I am now an LP practitioner myself and this photo was taken just moments after I told Linda this SUPER news! 🥳

And BOY was she proud… and just a lil’ bit emotional! 😁

The Lightning Process is an empowering brain training program that essentially enables you to harness your brilliant brain and your innate mind-body connection and utilise these two powerful human tools to switch off the ‘fight or flight’ response loop that can cause inflammation in the body which in turn, can lead to ‘burn out’ and that inevitable diagnosis of many mental and chronic health issues.

For me, the LP put a triumphant end to those 24 years of often being bed-bound and predominantly in a wheelchair and always (and I do mean always!) in some kind of constant chronic pain.


It also turned out to be the start of a whole brand spankin’ new and super healthy life! 👏🏻🙃

I am still SO grateful to Linda for how she eased me through the LP seminar 8 years ago with such skill, compassion and endless uplifting motivation that all enabled me to take the training, maintain my practice of the LP process after the seminar (for as long as was needed to re-wire that old neurology and create a powerful new roadmap for my brain in its place) and create a whole new health and life reality for myself ☀️ 

Words are never enough at moments like this but… THANK YOU Linda! 😘

You enabled me to re-create my health and life and go forth with GUSTO!


And I am forever grateful to you 🫶🏻

And the other legend, of course, is Dr Phil Parker, PhD who is the fella with the brilliant brain who designed the Lightning Process back in the 1990s 🙌🏻


The LP has since enabled circa 25,000 humans from around the world (including me!) to transform whatever it was that was keeping them stuck into whatever it is they needed instead to move them forward ➜➜➜

📸  – These super cool pics of Phil and moi were taken at the 2023 Association of NLP (ANLP) Conference in London where Phil gave the keynote talk on Inner Wisdom techniques for Health and Happiness. 

So whilst 8 years ago, I ‘showed up’ and ‘did the work’, I truly do the rest of the above to Phil and Linda. In 24 years of trying all the conventional and alternative treatments, I’d yet to find anything that made even a dent in the daily chronic pain.

And then I met Linda and the LP!


So to say I am grateful to them both would be the BIGGEST understatement imaginable 🙏🏻

And I know I am not the only one who is grateful in particular to Phil.

There’s circa 25,000 of us out here living our lives with GUSTO thanks to his brilliant self and the LP! 😃⚡️

Find out more about the Lightning Process and how you can train your brain and body back to great health and a GREAT life with me! 😃  ➜

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Like me back in 1992, that conversation might just give you the hope and the light at the end of the tunnel that you’re in need of right now ツ