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❥ Something that regularly crops up with my clients is their struggle with how they respond to certain scenarios in their lives.


Now of course, responding to scenarios is normal. We are human and we respond to things! But often that response can be quite unhelpful for both us and for those around us too.


So when we catch ourselves having an unhelpful response I like to suggest bringing in what I call ‘The Response Reality Check’ which enables us to check in with that response to see whether it is ours or whether it actually belongs to someone else.


Now for myself, I know that often I have a response that does belong to me and that is actually how I feel about that scenario. But sometimes, when I’m able to catch it and check in with it I find it’s a response that my Grandmother would have had in that moment. So the response is hers and not mine and I’ve just picked it up along the way as a learned response.


So having this space to stand back and realise that it’s a learned response enables me to ask the all-important question, ‘How do I actually feel about this scenario?’.


9/10 I find that I actually feel ok about it and that’s a great realisation to have and a far more helpful and healthy place from which I can move forward and carry on with my life.


So the next time you catch yourself experiencing a negative response to some scenario ask yourself the question ‘Is this how I feel about this?’ or rather ‘Is this how I think I’m supposed to feel about this?’.


Aka, is it your response or does it belong to someone else 🤔