By Alison Petty | Coaching

It’s in moments like this, larkin’ about on the summit of Yr Garn in N. Wales with Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) behind me when I not only know that I went after my dreams but also that I went far beyond the limitations that were once in my life.

Boundaries and limitations come in all shapes and forms. For me, they looked and felt like 24 years of chronic illness during which time I was often bedbound and predominantly in a wheelchair. This all beautifully changed though, when in 2016 I attended the brain training program called the Lightning Process which essentially gave me back my health and life in spades.


Before 2016, I could only dream of goofin’ around on top of a mountain, my inner adventurer fearing I would never again experience the life I’d planned to live before becoming ill. So much so, towards the latter part of those 24 years, I’d almost stopped daring to dream because the more the years passed by me, the more distant the dream became and that was too painful a reality to bear.


But my inner adventurer and I didn’t give up and instead, we went on a whole different kind of journey for a while – one of reclaiming one’s health and life.


So I now take my ability to be on top of mountains very seriously and am grateful every day for the reality of the health I now have in my life. But I also make sure to have a lot of fun whilst roaming around amongst the valleys and especially when on top of the summits because life is short and sometimes life gets in the way of our dreams.


So now that I ‘can’, I ‘do’ and I’m often found doing so whilst smiling which as we all know, is the best medicine of all.


So contemplate the scenarios in which you find yourself smiling and laughing and gravitate towards them knowing that you’re partaking in something that’s not only good for you and your soul but also for those around you and their souls too as happiness is a wonderfully infectious state of being.


And if you can move yourself up and over any boundaries and through any limitations you feel are in your way while you’re at it then ALL the better for you!

I’ll leave the final word to Paula Jane Radcliffe MBE who was once the fastest female marathoner of all time who truly knows how to break through boundaries and life limitations!

‘Never set limits, go after your dreams, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries.

And laugh a lot – it’s good for you!’