Lisa is the Manager of Substation Bouldering Wall in Sheffield. As such, it is VERY appropriate for her to be approaching the climbing wall with confidence and a strong empowering inner narrative. 

So I am SO very happy to say that in just 2 sessions of IEMT with me, this is now her reality! 💫 


It’s not about negating the past or the unpleasant ‘thing’ that once happened or that was once said to us. And let’s not forget those -not so- friendly or kind things we all say to ourselves because life loves to throw us curveballs to try and catch that cause us to lose sight of how amazing + beautiful + brilliant + ALL good we actually already are 😍

That ol’ ‘I’m not good enough’ chestnut is such a common one that I often hear from my clients. It’s one of those deeply embedded sentences that always has a lot to answer for 👎🏻

IT’S ABOUT… dismantling the old narrative that we created at that time. The narrative we wrote in our brain while we were doing the VERY best we could in that moment to deal with whatever it was that we were facing.

And this is the narrative that we’ve unwittingly carried since that belongs to that time or even to someone else from our past that is the block that is keeping us ‘stuck’ and that simply isn’t appropriate for who we are today.

As Lisa and my other clients have experienced, IEMT can dismantle these old narratives. This in turn creates all of the clarity needed for the new beautiful and ‘appropriate for who you are today’ narrative to be written and space within one’s inner library for it to be stored away for when needed ✍🏻☀️📚

A new story that enables momentum, confidence, clarity and the living of a life with GUSTO! 🕺🏼💫

As Lisa will… and does attest 🙌🏻


By 18 years old, I had blossomed up to 21 stone. I am now in my early 30s and over the last 10 years I’ve lost over 10 stone, through nutrition and exercise. However, even though I had a new healthy body, I still had the mindset of 21 stone Lisa.


Recently, this held me back from learning to climb, when I took on the role of managing a climbing wall. It’s pretty fundamental to know how to climb in this job role.


Through IEMT, Alison has guided me back to where my narrative began. The narrative of “I’m not good enough, or fit enough”.


Through using IEMT techniques, I’ve been able to rewrite my narrative. Before IEMT, I would feel sheer panic when approaching the climbing wall, with the negative narrative “I can’t do this”.


Now, when I am approaching the wall to climb I am much calmer and think logically because the panic has eased. It’s important to acknowledge that I still get the healthy nerves you get when trying something new and unfamiliar.


With Alison being a keen rock climber herself, this really helped my progression. Her supportive and positive approach made me feel safe and secure to move forward with changing my narrative.


If there is an area of your life that you would like to move forward in, I would highly recommend working with Alison.

✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

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