Put down the cuppa and step away from the situation... that's in your mind!! ☕️👣

(Reading time: 2 min)

Sometimes that ‘thing’ we are wrangling in our mind can feel right on top of us or even deep down within us. It can feel like the not so romantic version of… you don’t know where it ends and you begin.

So here’s one of my fave mini Mindset Shift techniques that will instantly give you a much needed shift of perspective in the moment you catch your brain heading deep down into the ditch of doom 😟 and…….. enable you to move yourself forwards and onwards instead into a much healthy and happier head space and life 💫🧠💫😃

You can watch the video ↓ 
or follow the following below 

So for example, perhaps you’re standing in your kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil and you notice your brain is churning over something that you’re stressed or anxious about…

Well, simply do the following to give yourself some distance and perspective. Literally.

What I want you to do is:


➤ Literally… step away from where you are standing 👣


➤ Perhaps just take one step back or you might want to move to outside the door of the room you’re in to create even more distance but it’s important that wherever you move to that you can still see where you were just standing as it’s being able to notice the distance that you’ve just created that will give you the space and shift of perspective.


➤ Now… from wherever you stand, look back to where you previously were and see that YOU still standing there and then… notice the distance you’ve created in just seconds and how you’ve shifted yourself out of that ditch.


➤ And now think about what advice or words of wisdom you might offer that YOU and say them out loud or in your mind and notice how you are now able to offer this new perspective because you have enabled yourself into… this new and forwards moving perspective.


➤ And then of course, from here… move forwards with your day taking with you your cuppa and the clarity gained from this Mini Mindset Shift 💫