Client/Coach Contract

In order for us to create a clear and healthy client/coach dynamic, I have written the following contract that you are required to agree to before partaking in any type of coaching session with Alison Petty Coaching.

You can read the contract ahead of booking with me below.
When you book your first session with me, I will then e-mail you your contract with instructions on how to sign and return it  


  • To guide you to discover your own inner power and wisdom
  • Help you to realise your life’s purpose and fulfil your potential
  • To teach you tools and skills that will enable you to make powerful state shifts and life changes
  • To raise your self-worth!
  • Setting achievable and realistic goals with the client
  • To provide tools and strategies that will help you to enhance your life
  • To enable you to discover your own innate wisdom, power and ability to create change.



The coaching relationship is informal, personal and non-hierarchical in nature. I am there to guide and support, not to dictate. 

While the dialogue may on occasion explore elements of the client’s past, the focus will be placed primarily on the client’s present and future. Working together with this ‘present/future’ focus will enable the client to break free from any current blocks so that they can move forward with passion, purpose and self-power!



As your life coach, I won’t give you answers.

What I will do however, is ask you questions that will guide you towards finding your answers for yourself.

It is my job to guide, support and coach you from the sidelines of your life.

It is not my job to tell you: what to do or what decisions you should make.

I can not take responsibility for any outcome of our session or guarantee your success.

Any guidance I do give is advisory only.

Coaching is not an alternative to therapy or professional medical advice. While my hope is that we will be able to work together, I will let you know if I feel you need support of a different type.



As the client, it is your responsibility to make your own decisions on how you will best move forward and what actions you will take. This will ensure your best chance at success in achieving your desired outcome from our work together. 

I will do my utmost to support you and guide you through your process but it is your responsibility to do the work and make the changes for yourself.



All communication outside of the session is to be conducted by e-mail.

Phone-calls are to be arranged in advance by both parties.

My e-mail address:

You agree to Alison Petty Coaching using your e-mail and phone number to contact you as and when appropriate.



My business hours are Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm

While I may reply to communication outside of these hours, I reserve the right to reply only within my my business hours.

Coaching will be conducted only within our booked session times.



My current fees can be found on my ‘Services’ page > here

Session fees must be paid in advance of the session starting. You will be provided with my PayPal payment details in advance of your first session.

Please note: if you haven’t paid the fee by the start of a session, you will be asked to make the payment before the session continues. The time it takes for you to make the payment will be deducted from your coaching session time.



Sessions can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 24 hours before the appointment time. Within 24 hours of your session, you will forgo your session fee.

In the event that you are late for a session, I will wait 15 minutes before you will be noted as having cancelled. You will not be entitled to a refund.



I take your privacy extremely seriously and it is likely that our sessions will cover personal and sensitive information. Consequently, I will only ever disclose any of your personal information to appropriate and relevant authorities under the following specific and tightly limited circumstances where my sense of professional responsibility would require it.

  • If I feel you could be a danger to yourself or others. Whilst it would always be my preference to openly discuss this with you and make a referral with your consent, I cannot guarantee this under all circumstances.
  • If legally required to disclose information.

In the absence of these extremely unusual circumstances, no information from our coaching sessions will be shared with any other business or individual.



I store client data in the following ways:

Client coaching session notes:
Stored in encrypted form, accessible only by myself.

Client e-mail address and phone number:
Stored in my private Google Account.



The client agrees that the coach, Alison Petty, will not be held responsible for any adverse consequences experienced by the client. Including but not limited to any type of employment, financial or personal loss.